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Boost Pedal

Clean-boost pedal kit with up to 38db gain The Piledriver measures 1.35" in height, 3.70" in width and 4.70" in length.

What people are saying about The Piledriver:

"If you're a pedal lover like me, who's always wanted to try their hand at building one, but have zero experience, then this is the pedal for you." "This is a good clean boost and was easy to assemble. Fun little project and I recommend it." "This kit was so easy to build and now it's my go to cut-through-the-bologna pedal. I use it at large jam session house parties. If there's some drunko playin' too loud, I stomp on this to cut through that bologna!"

Build Difficulty
Sound Samples
  1. The Piledriver Sound Sample
Main angled photo
Alternate angle from bottom
Front photo
Internal wiring and components
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 4.695 × 4.015 × 1.375 in.
Height with knobs/extrusions: 2.015 in.