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Overdrive / Distortion Pedal

The Thunderdrive Deluxe LTD is an overdrive pedal kit that will provide a strong, clean signal boost in the early gain settings and smooth distortion at maximum gain settings. Adjusting "Output" and "Distortion" controls provides a wide variety of tones in spite of its simple construction. It is capable of overdriving the pre-amp section of your guitar amp or adding its own layer of distortion at lower volume. This version is equipped with a three-position diode-selector switch.

The switch offers three different settings and tones. The top position is the classic silicon clipping diodes used in the original Thunderdrive. The middle position gives you the lifted diode "turbo" sound from the Deluxe model. The bottom position is a new setting limited to this version using germanium diodes for a warm vintage distortion.

Build Difficulty
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Top-down image
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Internal components and wiring
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 4.425 × 2.685 × 1.215 in.
Height with knobs/extrusions: 2.050 in.