Main Angled Photo
Active Tone Stack Pedal

Shape your sound with the Tone Attack. 12 o'clock settings give an approximate unity gain with the pedal. Rotate the treble or bass knob counterclockwise to cut the corresponding frequencies. Rotate these same knobs clockwise to boost the frequency bands. The master boost knob can be used to attenuate your signal or push your tone to screaming loud volumes.

Build Difficulty
Product Files
Sound Samples
  1. Riff 1 - Dry
  2. Riff 1 - Low Boost
  3. Riff 1 - Treble Boost
  4. Riff 2 - Dry
  5. Riff 2 - Low Cut, Treble Boost
  6. Riff 3 - Dry
  7. Riff 3 - Low Boost, Treble Cut
Main Angled Photo
Top-Down View
internal components and wiring
Alternate angle
Angled photo with lit up LED ring
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 4.695 × 4.015 × 1.375 in.
Height with knobs/extrusions: 2.035 in.