Mod® reverb tanks are the industry standard for boutique amplifiers and effects. With their distinct sound and superior construction, it’s no wonder that technicians and musicians alike choose Mod® tanks for their equipment. With over 15 years of experience, Mod® Electronics strives to provide users with the highest quality reverb tanks.

Learn About our Tanks:

Sound Samples & Product Info

Listen to how our tanks sound and get exact product details.

Mod® Tanks Explained

Find out the exact technical details on how our tanks work.

Compatibility Tool

Find compatible tanks for your amplifier.

Why Mod® Reverb Tanks?

Options to meet musicians’ needs

Mod® reverb tanks offer a wide variety of tanks so users have more choices when it comes to their sound. Spring count, decay length, and tank sizes are all customizable options that can alter the sound of spring reverb. See our Mod® Reverb Tank compatibility tool to find out which options will work with your device.

Custom-wound transducers for an authentic sound

Mod® reverb tanks use high-quality transducers that are built to sound and perform like vintage spring tanks. Visit our our sound sample and product information page to compare how our tanks sound and to learn more.

Hardwired connections for reliable performance

Mod® reverb tanks feature a fully-soldered transducer to ensure a solid connection for years to come. No more worrying about vibrations or movement causing damage to your tank or its connections. Rest easy!

User-configurable ground schemes

Replacing a tank that features an uncommon ground scheme is no longer a difficult modification. Mod tanks provide an accessible ground scheme board that can be changed easily with a soldering iron.