The MOD® Speakers lineup is a collaborative effort with Jensen® Loudspeakers that provides musicians with a classic sounding speaker voicing that does not shy away from new technologies and modern advancements. Unbound from the restraints of producing an authentic reissue, Jensen® and MOD® have developed a new series of speakers that carefully blends the clarity of the vintage Americans with the forward, driving tone of their vintage British counterparts. The result is an extremely versatile sound that sits well in any mix, be it classic rock, blues, jazz, or contemporary genres.

The MOD® Series is the most versatile of all the Jensen® speaker lines. MOD® speakers are available in many sizes (5", 6", 8", 10", 12", and 15" diameters) with a wide variety of wattages and impedances. Recommended for all types of music played at any volume, they allow the player to hear natural tone of their amplifier while giving the musician flexibility in sound and power.

MOD® speakers are produced with the finest materials available. They are made to the same high standards and quality found on all Jensen® speakers.

Click the links below to visit the Jensen® page for each speaker to see detailed specifications and listen to sound samples.

Speaker Diameter Rated Power Impedances Lows Mids Highs Overdrive
MOD5-30 angled view Mod 5-30 5" 30 W 8 Ω
Guitarist Description: This 5" speaker packs 30 watts of power. It is a great replacement for Trace Elliot amps.
MOD6-15 angled view Mod 6-15 6" 15 W 4 Ω, 8 Ω
Guitarist Description: A good upgrade for small practice amps.
MOD8-20 angled view Mod 8-20 8" 20 W 4 Ω, 8 Ω Loose/Fat Firm Smooth Smooth
Guitarist Description: Straightforward tone with smooth highs and more predominant lows. Responds to overdrive distortion with a mellow fuzz overdrive.
Bassist Description: Bright
MOD10-35 angled view Mod 10-35 10" 35 W 8 Ω, 16 Ω Tight Aggressive Bright Edgy
Guitarist Description: Warm, straightforward tone and tight bass frequencies. Presented with overdrive distortion, takes on a gritty edge.
Bassist Description: Full
MOD10-50 angled view Mod 10-50 10" 50 W 4 Ω, 8 Ω, 16 Ω, 32 Ω Tight Subdued Smooth Edgy
Guitarist Description: Warm, straightforward tone and tight bass frequencies.When presented with overdrive distortion, it exhibits a colorful fuzz edge.
Bassist Description: Full
MOD10-70 angled view Mod 10-70 10" 70 W 8 Ω Fat Aggressive Subtle Edgy
Guitarist Description: Thick, straightforward tone and fat bass frequencies. Exhibits a bass heavy, dirty grit when presented with overdrive distortion.
Bassist Description: Full and well-balanced
MOD12-35 angled view Mod 12-35 12" 35 W 8 Ω, 16 Ω Fat Firm Subtle Edgy
Guitarist Description: Straightforward tone with low end focus. When presented with overdrive distortion it exhibits a straightforward fuzz voice.
Bassist Description: Boomy, warm and full-bodied
MOD12-50 angled view Mod 12-50 12" 50 W 8 Ω, 16 Ω Loose Firm Smooth Edgy/Crunchy
Guitarist Description: Warm, well balanced tone with low end focus. It responds to overdrive distortion with a rich smooth crunch and bright lead-voice fuzz.
Bassist Description: Smooth and thick
MOD12-70 angled view Mod 12-70 12" 70 W 4 Ω, 8 Ω, 16 Ω Tight Subdued Bright Edgy
Guitarist Description: Loud, dynamic, and well defined. Has a defined warm crunch response to overdrive distortion
Bassist Description: Straightforward, bottom-heavy punch
MOD12-110 angled view Mod 12-110 12" 110 W 8 Ω, 16 Ω Fat Aggressive Smooth Edgy/Crunchy
Guitarist Description: Strong, punchy, and articulate with emphasis on the mids. Responds to overdrive distortion with a tight and balanced fuzz that remains strong and straightforward.
Bassist Description: Boomy, hard and punchy