Mod® "Top Brass" nuts are the easiest way to upgrade your Eurorack module or other 3.5 mm application to a more regal look - we call it "Top Brass". Designed with the same outer dimensions as Qingpu knurled nuts, these round brass nuts will fit any module using Qingpu or other similar metal-bushing jacks without covering up the jack labels.

As their name implies, the Mod® "Top Brass" nuts are made out of pure brass, and while they look incredible on their own, their appearance also pairs extremely well with the immersion gold used on Make Noise and other similar modules.

Rather than being knurled, Top Brass nuts have a smooth outer edge for a clean look. The nuts are slotted and will work with all existing nut drivers intended for use with the knurled Qingpu-style nuts.

"Top Brass" nuts use M6x0.5 threading, which matches the bushing on the ubiquitous Qingpu jacks and many of their copies. It is also used by other manufacturers such as Kobiconn and Amphenol, and has plenty of application outside of the Eurorack world.


  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Thickness: 1.73mm
  • Threading: M6×0.5